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Hotel Katsuragi Spa Resort Dogo


4-16 Dogo Yuzuki Town, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture

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Get off at the JR Yosa Line Matsuyama Station, 15 minutes by taxi, 5 minutes walking from the Street Car Dogonsen Station End Point.It is 20 minutes by car from Matsuyama IC.
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Osaka
    Kobe Awaji Naruto Road → Tokushima Expressway → Matsuyama Expressway / Seto Ohashi → Takamatsu Expressway → Matsuyama Expressway ~ Matsuyama IC ~ Route 33 via the inner Annular Iwasaki Line, Dogo Onsen

    Access method 2: Hiroshima
    Shimanami Kaido via the Shimanami Kaido road ~ Imabari Kita IC ~ R 196 to Matsuyama direction 60 minutes, via the Heiwa-dori road "Dogo Onsen" Mark

    Parking:Present(500 yen/Day)

    12 parking lots
    ※Guests coming by car or motorcycle will charge a separate parking fee (500 yen / 1 unit).
     Consultation is required for large vehicles.
  • Access to Matsuyama

    Transportation to Matsuyama
    ■People who come by car (in case of high-speed use)

    Kobe Awaji Naruto Road to Takamatsu Expressway.
    Kawanoe JCT enter Matsuyama Expressway, get off the Matsuyama IC.
    Sanyo Expressway, pass through Seto Chuo Expressway to Takamatsu Expressway.
    Kawanoe JCT enter Matsuyama Expressway, get off the Matsuyama IC.
    ·About 20 minutes from Matsuyama IC to Dogo

    ■When using an airplane

    Haneda (Tokyo) Chubu ( Nagoya ) Komaki (Nagoya) Kansai (Osaka) Itami (Osaka) Fukuoka (Fukuoka) Kumamoto (Kumamoto) Kagoshima (Kagoshima) There are direct flights from Naha (Okinawa) to Matsuyama Airport.
    ※For the latest information, flight information etc. please visit the website of airlines.
    ·Matsuyama Airport takes about 40 minutes from Matsuyama Airport to Dogo Onsen Station by a limousine bus.
    ·About 30 minutes by taxi.

    ■People who come by train

    Honshu - Kyushu direction by Shinkansen to Okayama station.
    Change to Limited Express and get off at JR Matsuyama Station.
    ※For the latest information, time and connecting information etc, please visit the website of each railway company.
    ·About 20 minutes from JR Matsuyama Station by tram to Dogo Onsen Station.
     About 5 minutes on foot from Dogo Onsen Station
    ·About 15 minutes by taxi.

    ■For those arriving by ferry

    From Kure / Hiroshima / Ogura / Oita / Kobe / Osaka There is a flight to Matsuyama Tourist Port by ferry.
    ※For the latest information, time etc., please visit each shipping company site.
    ·Matsuyama Tourist Port approximately 45 minutes to Dogo Onsen Station by limousine bus from Matsuyama Tourist Port.
    ·About 30 minutes by taxi.