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Dogo Onsen is said to be the oldest hot spring in Japan, a historical hot spring that also appears in Nihon Shoki and Manyoshu.
The Dogo Onsen Main Bldg., A public desire station that is popular as its symbol, has been celebrated for 100 years and is famous also for many cultural guests such as Natsume Soseki.
  • Matsuyama·Information on sightseeing spots in Dogo

    • Dogo Onsen Main building

      Dogo Onsen, which is said to be the oldest hot spring in Japan, is a historical hot spring that appears in Japanese secretaries and Manyoshu.

      【Rei no Yu】
      3rd floor private room: Adult 1,550 yen, Child 770 yen
      Second floor seat: Adult 1,250 yen, Child 620 yen
      【Kami no yu】
      Second floor seat: Adult ¥ 840, Child 420 yen
      downstairs: Adult 410 yen Child 160 yen

      ※※※This year's closed day is December 4※※※
    • Tsubaki Yu

      Another outside hot water that has been added in ShowaInscriptions of Prince Shotoku in Iyo kun Fudoko Yukifumi are engraved.

      Tsubaki Yu adults 400 yen
      Child 150 yen
      Elderly 180 yen
      Disabled person 180 yen

      ※※※This year's closed day is December 5※※※
    • Asuka-no-yu

      A hot spring featuring an appearance incorporating the architectural style of the Asuka period.
      You can enjoy hot springs with soup from the source with the theme of "Ancient Dogo".

      1 Bathroom 1 Bathroom
      Bath only for adults 600 yen
      Child 300 yen
      Bathroom bathing on the 1st floor of the main hall on the 1st floor
      2nd floor large hall break Adult 1,250 yen
      Child 620 yen
      2nd Floor Private Room 1st Floor Bathroom Bathing
      2nd Floor Private room break Adult 1,650 yen
      Child 820 yen
      2nd floor special bathroom
      (Family bath) Bathing on the ground floor
      1st floor special bathroom + 2,000 yen
      Adult ¥ 1,650
      Child 820 yen

      ※※※This year's closed day is December 5※※※
    • Matsuyama Castle

      Overlooking Matsuyama city ​​from the castle tower, overlooking Ishikari mountain in fine weather.
      Spring is crowded with vacationers as cherry blossoms.

      Address Matsuyama City Marunouchi 1
      Tel 089-921-2540(Shiroyama Administration Office)
      089-921-4873(Ropeway Office)
      Closed on Fridays
      Business hours from 9:00 to 17:00 (entrance is ~ 16: 30)
      ※Seasonally variable
      Price Admission 510 yen
      Parking lot available
    • Dogo Haikara-dori shopping street

      Arcade shopping street leading to Dogo Onsen main building and Dogo Onsen station.
      A lot of Ehime souvenirs and eating and drinking establishments line up.It is convenient for sightseeing even on rainy days.
    • Dogo Koen Park

      It is also a trace of Yuzuki (Yuziki) which is a castle ruined lasting about 205 years from the first half of the 14th century to the latter half of the 16th century that Mr. Kono who was the guardian of Iyo (present Ehime prefecture) in the Middle Age era .
      Located in Dogo Town, Matsuyama City, it is a comprehensive park consisting of Yuzukijo ruins and its surroundings.
      The castle tower in the park is now an observation platform.
      At the scenic spot of cherry blossoms, the cherry-blossom season can be crowded with many tourists.
    • Isa Temple Shrine

      It is famous for the temple of Yawata built which is said to have only three companies in Japan.
      It is designated as an important cultural asset designated as a country in the construction of the Edo period.
    • Shiki Memorial Museum

      Haiku Hall of Fame that gathered all of modern haiku together.
      It also introduces the history of Masaoka Fumiki, the nature and history of Dogo.

      Address Matsuyama City Dogo Koen Park 30
      Tel 089-931-5566
      It changes according to the regular holiday year · season.
      December, Every Tuesday
      January, The 9th, 16th, The 23rd, 30th
      Business hours from 9:00 to 18:00, (Admission to 5:30 pm)
      ※May 1st to October 31st
      9:00 to 17:00, (Admission to 4:30 pm)
      ※November 1 to April 30
      Price Individual: 400 yen/Group(20 or more):320 yen
      ※Special exhibition viewing fee will be determined separately.
      ※Elementary, middle and high school students are free.
      Parking lot available
    • Ishite Temple

      Okudogo Shikoku Pilgrimage place 88 in the way to Okudogo, the 50th No. 1 Bard.
      It is an old temple built in 728 by the pray of Emperor Shomu.
    • Bochan Train

      Meiji (time period) (1888) from operating steam locomotive 67 years.Since Soseki Natsume's novel Botchan was introduced as a "train like a match box", it became familiar with the nickname of "Bochan Train".
      Currently it is restoring as a diesel vehicle, and when you get in, you can enjoy the scenery from the city area of Matsuyama to Dogo Onsen while enjoying the atmosphere at that time.Matsuyama City station · Dogo Onsen station you can enjoy the locomotive rotation scene by rare crew nationwide.

      Operating location Matsuyama City station·JR Matsuyama Station before ⇔ Dogo Onsen
      Operating hours Approximately 1 hour to 2 hours per hour
      fare(1 ride) Adult 800 yen·Children 400 yen
    • Seki Art Museum

      We have about 200 items including Japanese paintings, oil paintings and prints collected by the director, including works such as Kayama Kazuzo and Higashiyama Kaii.

      Address Murayama Kita-cho, Matsuyama City 4-42
      Tel 089-946-5678
      Closed holiday Monday · Tuesday (open in case of holiday)
      ※Closed from December 29th to January 3rd
      Business hours 10:00 to 17:00
      Price General/700 yen, small·During ~·High school student 500 yen
      Parking lot available
    • Ferris wheel, Kururin

       Matsuyama's landmark existence.Matsuyama City station · Iyotetsu Takashimaya The large Ferris wheel in the rooftop Kururin.
      The inside of the gondola is air-conditioned and you can enjoy a comfortable aerial walk.Comes from a height of 1 lap 15 minutes, and the ground 85m in addition to the night of Matsuyama Castle" and "islands of the Setouchi you can enjoy the Matsuyama city's night view.
      "See-through gondola" which is transparent and floorable and can experience the sense of floating is also undergoing popular sales.

      Business hours 10:00 to 22:00
      ※Closed holiday follows Takashimaya.
      Price usually gondola, 1 person: 700 yen
      See-through gondola, 1 person: 900 yen
  • Information on sights around Matsuyama

    • Mount Ishizuchi

      It is famous as a mountain faith (Shugendo) mountain, it is also one of Japan's hundred mountains or one hundred of Japan's landscapes.
      Furthermore, it is regarded as one of the Japanese Seven Mount Ishizuchi and is also called Mount Ishizuchi
      Is a central mountain of Mount Ishizuchi pulse, have been designated as Ishizuchi National Park.
      To be exact, a series of general mountains of Mount Ishizuchi Yayama (Mizen) and Nanpu peak (Nanshinpo) where Tengudake (Tenguedake) at the highest mountain and Ishigome shrine mountain top company are located is called Mount Ishizuchi.The top of Mount Ishizuchi usually refers to Tengu-dake.
      Many climbers aim for Tengudake because of their famous photos, but there are also places where mountain paths from Mt.Yamayama to Tengudake are a little narrow, and there is no space where many people can stay at the top of Tengu Mt., so children and Older people often climb up to Mt. Yayama just before (about 300 m before).

      Entrance fee: 500 yen
      Stop at the Ishizuchi Shrine and apply for mountaineering tickets and climbing protection primary fees.
    • Shimanami Kaido

      It is also a nickname for the West Seto Expressway, which was opened in May 1999 (Heisei 19th) in May, it will take about 60 km to the city of Ehime Prefecture Imabari and Onomichi Hiroshima Prefecture for about 60 kilometers.
      The islands in the beautiful Seto Inland Sea, which also praised the Aegean Sea of Japan, has been a bridge of each unique ten is multiplied.
      Also, each bridge has a bike pedestrian-only road (total extension of about 80 km), so you can enjoy walking and cycling anytime throughout the entire time.
    • Ehime Prefectural Tobe zoo

      One of the prefectural zoological gardens of Nishi Nippon in Tohru Town.
      The predecessor is Ehime Prefecture Matsuyama City Dogo zoo founded in Ehime Prefecture Matsuyama City, Ehime prefecture, and since it is difficult to expand environmental problems and facilities to the surrounding area in Dogo,
      I moved to my present location in April 1988 and opened.
      Polar bear 's "Peace" was born on December 2, 1999 and succeeded in artificial nursing for the first time in Japan.
      The longest breeding period in artificial nursing is still being renewed.
      Also often taken up on television is the most popular in Tōbu Zoo.

      From 9:00 to 17:00 (entrance to 16:30)※Closed on Monday
      Adult (excluding high school students over 18) 500 yen
      Adult(s)(65 years of age or older), 200 yen
      High school student (15 to 17 years old), 200 yen
      6 years old ~ 14 years old, 100 yen
      65 years of age or older, 100 yen
      Under 6 years old, Free